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Sirius® Multigas Detector

Sirius® Multigas Detector
Sirius® Multigas Detector Sirius® Multigas Detector Sirius® Multigas Detector

Manufacturer: MSA

Product Code: 10051141

The Sirius Multigas Detector integrates MSA's proprietary patent-pending PID sensor into a durable four-gas detector that's designed and built for safety and reliability across multiple applications and hazards. Fast response times let users constantly monitor for both VOCs and combustible, toxic or oxygen-deficient atmospheres.

 Features and Benefits

  • Reliable detection in a single easy to use and durable unit
  • Simultaneously monitor for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with low vapor pressures while measuring for combustible, toxic or oxygen-deficient atmospheres
  • Stable zero readings with fast response/clear times

 Sirius Multigas Detector Accessories

BATTERY PACKS 10050347 Standard Rechargeable lithium-ion Battery Pack
10052512 lithium-ionBattery Charger, consists of power supply and charge adapter
10049412 Replaceable Alkaline Battery Pack
10049098 Replaceable Alkaline Battery Pack less door
10052513 Vehicle Charger (includes charge adapter)
SAMPLING ACCESSORIES 10040665 Sampling Line with Quick-Connect, 10' polyurethane
10040664 Sampling Line with Quick-Connect, 25' polyurethane
10049058 Sampling Line with Quick-Connect, 10' teflon
10049057 Sampling Line with Quick-Connect, 25' teflon
10040667 Sampling Line with Quick-Connect, 3' polyurethane coiled
10042621 Probe, 1-foot
10042622 Probe, 3-foot
10040589 Probe, 8-inch
10052514 Black Rubber Boot (includes harness)
10050122 Cordura Jacket (includes harness)
474555 Shoulder Harness only
10050976 Retractable Carrying Line with Belt Clip
10051803 Wrist Harness
LONG-TERM STORAGE KIT 10051176 Includes 4-Gas PID, lithium-ion and Alkaline Battery Packs, Vehicle Charger, 10' sampling line w/1' probe, retractable carrying line w/belt clip, Cordura jacket and black boot, Econo-Cal kit, Data Link w/software, 4 replacement sensors and PID Lamp, lamp cleaning kit, standard lamp cover and case
10049692 10.6 eV Lamp
10051717 4 Sensor Kit (LEL, O2, CO, H2S)
10049808 Combustible Sensor (both LEL and CH4)
10049806 Oxygen Sensor
10049804 Carbon Monoxide Sensor
10049805 Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor
10049807 Long-Term Storage Oxygen Sensor (hermetically sealed for 2-year storage)
ACCESSORIES 10047463 Disposable Ionization Chamber
10049691 Lamp Cleaning Kit
10049680 Filter Replacement Kit with O-rings and replacement dust filters
10050841 Standard Lamp Cover
10050750 Tamper-Proof Lamp Cover
636913 Sirius Multigas Detector Screwdriver
10054667 Sirius Multigas Detector Instructional CD
10050856 Sirius Multigas Detector Instructional Video
10048887 Instruction Manual
CARRYING CASES 710948 Standard Black Plastic Case
10052515 Premium Black Field Case w/foam insert
10020541 Standard Red Plastic Case
10051539 Long-Term Storage Kit Case with labeled foam insert
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