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HazMat Response Kit
The HazMat Response Detector Tube Kit can be used by firefighters, HazMat Response Teams and other w..
HAZMATCAD® and HAZMATCAD® Plus Chemical Agent Detectors
The clear choices for initial assessment of chemical warfare agent or toxic industrial spill, the HA..
Kwik-Draw® Detector Tube Pumps
MSA’s Kwik-Draw and Kwik-Draw Deluxe Pumps can be used with an assortment of MSA detector tubes to s..
Leather Helmets
Since 1836, Cairns has been the original manufacturer of leather firefighting helmets. Today’s Cairn..
Model BD-20 Calibration Cylinders—Steel
Model BD-20 Cylinder Contents: Pressure 2200 psig; approximately 552 liters (20 cu ft) of gas at at..
Model RP and Econo-Cal Calibration Cylinders—Reactive Gases, Aluminum Cylinders
Model RP Cylinder Contents: Pressure 500 psig; approximately 58 liters at atmospheric pressure Size..
Model RP Calibration Cylinder—Steel, 100% Methane
Model RP Cylinder Contents: Pressure 1000 psig; approximately 58 liters of pure methane with odoran..
Modern Rescue Helmets
Models: HP3 and 360R/R-13 Sleek, low-profile modern style with no watershed Meets NFPA 1951 Provide..
Modern Structural Firefighting Helmets
Models: Cairns 660C, 664, HP3 and 360S/R Sleek, low-profile modern style Meets NFPA 1971 Provides s..
MSA 12FT Freefall Energy-Absorbing Lanyards
MSA 12FT Freefall Energy-Absorbing Lanyards Workman Single-Leg Energy-Absorbing Lanyard, 6', 36C sna..
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