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Honeywell Miller Harness now rated 420 lbs


We are excited to announce the increase in weight capacity for Honeywell Miller® fall protection harnesses. The majority of harnesses in the line are now rated up to 420 lb. (191 kg.).

How to identify if your harness is rated to 420 lb. capacity

Harnesses that include the CSA logo and standards for CSA and OSHA (CSA Z259.10, OSHA 1926.502) will now meet the 420 lb. rating.

The allowable capacity of Miller brand harnesses varies among the requirements of ANSI, CSA and OSHA, and based on the requirements of these fall protection standards and Honeywell internal test programs, the harness capacity ratings are as follows:
For harnesses ONLY marked ANSI Z359.11 and/or ANSI A10.32 (and OSHA) compliant

ANSI Z359.11 and ANSI A10.32 establish the capacity range of harnesses to be 130-310 lbs (59-140 kg) for compliance with the standard.
130-310 lbs
(59-140 kg)
For harnesses INCLUDING THE MARK OF CSA and listed as CSA Z259.10 (and OSHA) compliant

CSA Z259.10 does not specify a capacity range for harnesses; therefore, the manufacturer may establish the maximum capacity based on testing in accordance with CSA requirements and their internal test program.
Max. 420 lbs
(190.5 kg)
For harnesses marked OSHA compliant ONLY

OSHA allows harnesses to be rated beyond 310 lbs (140 kg) if the manufacturer ensures that the harness will provide proper protection for heavier workers and the employer appropriately modifies the criteria and protocols to provide proper protection for such heavier weights.
Max. 400 lbs
(181.4 kg)
NOTE: For harnesses marked to ALL of the standards above (ANSI, CSA, and OSHA), Honeywell, as the manufacturer, rates the harnesses to a maximum 420 lbs (191 kg); however, it is ultimately the responsibility of the user and the user’s employer to determine if they elect to comply with the ANSI standards which limit capacity range to 130-310 lbs (59-140 kg).
*Includes body weight, clothing and tools
Revisions to harness instructions and labels are currently in process to reflect the updated maximum harness capacity. 
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