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Tractel Topal Lifting Clamps

Tractel offers a variety of lifting clamps to match most material handling needs. Those clamps include universal steel drum clamps, Pipe Hooks, clamps to lift welded steel drums with rim, heavy duty automatic clamps, multi positioning plate clamps, Non marring clamps and more.

All Tractel Topal Lifting clamps feature a reliable design, ease of use and conformity to ANSI B30.20 standard. Tractel and its Griphoist Material Handling product division is the name to trust for any material handling and lifting needs.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to call (206) 264-0808 or to email us. Our knowledgeable representatives are happy to assist you.
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TRACTEL  NX / NXR Lifting Clamps
TRACTEL NX/NXR Non Marring multiposition Clamp Self-locking plate clamps for very hard or sentiti..
Tractel KSA Plate Clamp with Ring
KSA – Plate clamp with ring   A clamp range combining simplicity and flexibility, designed for lifti..
Tractel NK Lifting Clamps
TRACTEL TOPAL NK LIFTING CLAMPS NK – Multiposition self-locking clamps   The NK clamp has an aut..
Tractel Pipe Hook
Tractel Topal F- Pipe Hooks Heavy duty hooks used in pairs for lifting horizontal pipes or tu..
Tractel TLH Horizontal Clamps
  TLH – Horizontal plate clamp   The Tractel TLH Topal Clamp is a horizontal lifting clamp that aut..
TRACTEL TOPAL™ LIFTING CLAMPS   KS – Multiposition plate clamps   A clamp range combining simpli..
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